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Membership in Churg-Strauss Syndrome Association is free for all those with an interest in Churg-Strauss Syndrome. Completing this form will place you on the CSSA mailing list which will inform members of all CSS related news. In addition you will then be able to download a CSSA brochure. You can unsubscribe from the mail list at any time. With your permission, the information will be shared with the Vasculitis Foundation, our partner organization so that you can be informed of VF initiatives and endeavors.

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CSS/EGPA is an extremely rare disease. It is unusual to find someone in close physical proximity with the disease. Would you be willing to share just your email address with some in your local area?

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The CSSA is run entirely by volunteer efforts.  We have learned while doing and have had wonderful support from other organizations, including the VF.  Because many of our volunteers are patients, some with families and jobs, they are stretched thin and are not able to contribute as much as they'd like. We desperately need your help and/or suggestions! Please contact Jane Dion:, if you'd like to volunteer.

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