Dr. Alfred Mahr accepts invitation to serve on Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Mahr is a member of the prestigious French Vasculitis Study Group
November 2009


The CSSA is pleased to announce that Dr. Alfred Mahr, from Hospital Cochin in Paris, has accepted an invitation to serve on the CSSA Medical Advisory Board.  Dr. Mahr is both a dedicated researcher and a caring physician to patients with CSS and other forms of vasculitis. In addition, he is a supporter and advisor to patient support groups both in the USA and in France.

Dr. Mahr completed rounds with Dr. Loic Guillevin at the Hospital Cochin in 1997.  Dr. Guillevin, a member of the CSSA Medical Advisory Board, is a world renown expert in vasculitis and CSS and during this fellowship, Dr. Mahr saw patients from all over the world  with many type of vasculitis. After his fellowship, Dr. Mahr joined Dr. Guillevin as a faculty member at the Department of Internal Medicine, Hospital Cochin. In addition to his medical degrees,  Dr. Mahr was awarded a doctorate in Public Health from the University of Paris in 2008.

One of Dr. Mahr's research interests is the epidemiology of vasculitis.  He has participated in studies on the prevalence of vasculitis in the Parisian region, including a study of factors that predict the severity of vasculitis as well as a study of possible links between use of certain anti-asthma drugs and Churg Strauss Syndrome. 

Members of the French Vasculitis Study Group have been prolific researchers of  CSS.  Dr. Mahr and the French Vasculitis Study Group have led many CSS studies which have been instrumental in advancing an understanding of this rare disease.  Some of the latest research studies the prevalence of ANCA in CSS, the different course the disease may take depending on whether the patient is ANCA negative or positive, as well as cardiac involvement in CSS. 

in 2005 Dr. Mahr took a two year sabbatical from his position at the Hospital Cochin to complete a fellowship program with the Vasculitis Clinical Research Consortium in Boston where he worked with Dr. Peter Merkel, lead investigator for the VCRC.  He became an avid Red Sox fan while in Boston.  He returned to his position at the Hospital Cochin in 2007.

In addition to his research efforts and good patient care, Dr. Mahr helps raise awareness of vasculitis in the medical community by presenting at physicians conferences, including the recent 2009 American College of Rheumatology annual meeting.  His presentation of the study : Risk of Malignancy in Patients Treated for ANCA-Associated Vasculitides: Follow-up Data From Clinical Trials of the European Vasculitis Study Group (EUVAS) was very well attended and received.

Dr. Mahr feels that international collaboration on research studies for vasculitis and CSS are crucial as these diseases are very rare and the combined effort of researchers from around the world will help to more quickly advance an understanding of the diseases as well as help improve treatment for vasculitis patients. 

Dr. Mahr is married to a physician, Dr. Laurence Mahr, and is the father of a young child.  Dr. Mahr and his wife recently translated the CSSA brochures into French and the CSSA thanks them for their dedication to this project.

Dr Mahr's contact information is:

Alfred Mahr, MD, PhD 
Department of Internal Medicine
Hospital Cochin
27 rue du Faubourg Saint Jacques
Paris 75014 France
Tel: (+33) 1 58412929 
Fax: (+33) 1 58411579 
e-mail: alfred.mahr@cch.aphp.fr

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