Research Articles

Here you will find links to research pertaining to Churg Strauss Syndrome, vasculitis, drug studies and other subjects related in some way to CSS. Compared to other diseases, there have not been many studies on Churg Strauss Syndrome, mostly because it is so rare. However, we are very fortunate that the disease has been studied by some of the top researchers in the field. Please note that many of the authors of these research articles have been supportive of the CSSA and some are serving on our Medical Advisory Board.

The US National Library of Medicine has a search service that allows anyone with internet access to look for medical articles free of charge. ( PubMed makes it easy to look up diseases, medicines, research authors or any combination of the above. Typing in the key words “Churg Strauss” yields 1178 items, for example. Key words “Churg Strauss Prednisone" yields 76 items.

Here is a partial listing of some of the research. It is important to note that much research results in preliminary findings that should not be confused with established fact. These links are from Entrez PubMed. This section of the website is a work in progress and we will continually be adding to the information contained here.