Identifying genetic causes of CSS

Identifying genetic causes of CSS

Research requires blood sample which can be drawn in Boston, or by a local medical center and shipped to Boston.

Dr. Michael Wechsler, a CSSA medical consultant from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, continues to recruit CSS patients for an important genetics study. He and his colleagues are looking for any CSS patient who is willing to give a blood sample. Blood samples will be analyzed for specific mutations and compared with DNA from people without CSS. While all CSS patients are eligible, Dr Wechsler is particularly interested in identifying patients who have relatives with CSS or related disease such as asthma, vasculitis, autoimmunity. He is hoping to ultimately identify a gene that may be playing a role in causing CSS. He has received over 180 blood samples from CSS subjects to date and is trying to identify as many as possible. One goal is to establish heritability patterns of CSS and related traits. Another goal is to try to  determine which genes may be causing CSS and to possibly identify new treatment strategies.

The first step in this study is currently ongoing and involves blood collection and answering of simple questionnaires. This can be done in Boston, or locally and shipped at Dr. Wechsler’s expense.

Pending funding from the NIH, the second part of the study will involve investigating other family members and should get underway in late 2009 or 2010. This study involves collecting blood samples for DNA analysis as well as screening CSS tests (e.g. eosinophils), and answering questionnaires from CSS family members. 
Dr. Wechsler can be reached via email at


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